Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas wishes?

just the other day on Christmas, I was lamenting to my sister how I have bought SO MANY PAIRS of skinny jeans, and I hate all of them. I almost always buy online, and I have tried skinnies from my favorite tried and true brands (Citizens, Hudson, Lucky, Joe's) and some I haven't tried (J Brand, James Jeans). Every single one got sent back.

A few months ago, I bought a pair of AG Adriano Goldschmied skinnies, ,the Stilt Cigarette jeans. link. I hadn't tried AG before, but they were on sale, and I really liked the wash. And I REALLY liked the 30" inseam, as a petite girl, our skinnies choices are limited. Yes, I know they can be tailored. No, I am to lazy for that...just kidding, I'm not..but I do try to pursue petite jeans now that most brands make them.

So these AGs, I tried them on, they didn't fit. They were too small, but in that way that you know you'll fit them like 5 lbs later. And as I said, I really liked the wash, and I liked the leg fit quite a bit. That's a tough thing about skinnies for us in the 10-12 range, the leg fit can be off, out of proportion, or rather, i suppose in proportion, but not for me. These were proportional. So, instead of sending them back, I popped them in my drawer, promising to try them again before deciding to return.

Back to that conversation with my sister...she said she has to pretty much hate a new pair of jeans for a week before she likes them. And I got to thinking..and yeah, that's true. I mean, I can tell right away if they are mostly right - wash, cut, fade, proportions..but it takes a good couple of wearings to really tell. I have many a favorite jean that BECAME a favorite jean only because my old favorite jeans died a sudden death (i.e. they got worn out) and I had to wear them...and voila...a few weeks later, fav pair. Of course, my drawers..and the GoodWill..are littered with pairs that never did make that cut. Why are jeans so hard? Why? You know what would fix it? We all get measured for jeans twice a year, and we all walk around with our special jeans measurements in our back pocket, and every brand of jeans accepts our measurements, and says, oh yes, ma'am, they'll be shipped to you in a week. Because jeans are very personal...and they only fit well once we have molded them, beaten them, into forming to our exact measurements.

Anyway, the last two days have been a cleaning frenzy for me, including a full purge and organize of the closet and dresser. I am ebay-ing and donating a lot. But I came across these AGs, and once again, they made my cut. I just still liked the look of them. I've lost maybe a couple of pounds since I bought them, but I wasn't in the mood for an ego bruise, I was cleaning, dammit! So I didn't try them on.

Today..well, today, I didn't FEEL like wearing my trusty Hudsons. They are getting a bit saggy, a bit have to hike them up sometimes. I didn't feel like wearing any of my other boot cuts. I felt like wearing skinnies today, dammit! I felt this last night, too, as I browsed Nordstrom and Piperline and thought about trying another pair, yet again.

So today, I went upstairs and I yanked these AGs out of my drawer. Tugged them on. They fit! And I was right, they are amazing! I give it three wearings before they fit ideally. I have to be able to wear a t shirt with all my jeans before they can even start to look like front runners - i.e. no damn muffin top! These aren't quite there yet....but they will be, I can feel it.

Looks like I might be a skinny jeans girl after all. What am I, 5 years late? Damn! Good thing I really love wide legs too =)

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