Thursday, April 12, 2012

dream come true?

So I was just reading Kaelah's Things I Love Thursday post where she links to this idea of a Dream Mall, here. The basic premise is to invent a mall that has 100% stores you like.

So, I got to thinking. This dream mall is going to need:

J Crew
Apple Store
Mary Green

Yeah, that'll do.

So, then I got to thinking..this pretty much already exists.

I work next door to a mall, Fair Oaks. They have a J Crew, Apple, and Sephora.

A couple miles down the road (I mean, less than 10) there is an Anthropologie, a J Crew, Apple, Sephora, Lush, Nordstrom, and Lulu. Actually, its two malls, Tysons 1 and 2, and the Anthro and J Crew are in one, while the rest is in the other.

They are building a new shopping area town center thing less than 1 mile from my house, and it has an Anthropologie, and a Target.

In fact, I will soon have 4 Anthropologies (Anthropologi?) within 15 miles of my home. And the market demands this? I guess?

Mary Green is in San Francisco. But I have the internet.

And, after all, isn't the internet everybody's dream mall?

I can no longer be impressed by shopping, sorry. Even you, New York, although I'll take your Top Shop and your that one Canadian store that I forget the name of.  Joe Fresh, that's the ticket.

Maybe I'll start a business where I video tape shopping for folks that live too far away from these stores, and then I'll ship them stuff and they can send back what they don't want - pretty much personal shopper with video on demand. Genius, I tell ya.

P.S. - also Barnes & Noble.
also Whole Foods
also Starbucks
also bagels.
and maybe Club Monaco.

p.p.s - also Zara.

P.P.P.S - distances to these from current location:

<1 mile
<1 mile
<1 mile
I'm sure there are closer but the best are <5 miles
about 13 miles
same same.

an embarrassment of riches, I tell ya.

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