Wednesday, April 04, 2012

paleo for veggies?

I'm toying with the idea of going on a Paleo diet for a month - it seems to make sense, but here's the rub..

1) I don't eat meat (i eat fish)
2) I don't like nuts (they give me tummy issues)
3) Soy is not a part of the Paleo diet.

So ummm, yeahhh..
Here's what I could eat: Fish, eggs, veggies, fruit, sweet potatos. I mean, that's keeping it REAL simple, but you get the idea.

Is it worth cutting out unhealthy carbs  and sugars? Yes, yes it probably is.

Are a lot of the meals I cook already Paleo?  Yes, yes they are.

I think I will give it a go. Here's what I see as my main obstacles:

1) Coffee. I put soy and sugar in my coffee.
2) Work food. I get my food for the day when I get my coffee - A protein plate from Starbucks, sometimes a little piece of dark chocolate. The protein plate, contrary to its name, has a piece of muesli bread.
3) Fred. Fred likes carbs with dinner.
4) Bread. I effing love a piece of sourdough dipped in olive oil/pepper/rosemary.

So, here's how I'll tackle these:
1) Coffee. Sigh. Umm, I'll switch to tea for a week and see if I hate life.
2) Work food. Some mornings I make an egg and bring that to work with some fruit. I'll just do that everyday for breakfast. Lunch? Ummm. hmmm. tuna salad? what else, what else. Leftovers from dinner. Shrimp salad. Salad of many kinds. Lots of salad. Veggies, fruit.
3) Fred. I'll make Fred some carbs, I just won't eat any unhealthy type carbs myself. Also, sweet potato fries!
4) Bread. I just won't eat the damn bread.

It's so easy to get an idea like this in your head and then say, meh, screw it. I so don't want to do that! Wish me luck!


dodom21 said...
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dodom21 said...

YAY SARA!!! Paleo is def worth cutting the refined carbs out of the diet. here are a few things i have found;
1-coffee. need must have. and lots. there is a coconut milk coffee creamer in your local wegmans that is good. its a must, really.
2-work food. have you tried coconut flakes as a snack? not sure if you have digestive issues with that, but they keep me full and satisfied (unsweetened, of course) AND giant has these fish steamers, individual bags you pop in the microwave for 3:30-4 minutes. DELISH must have.
I know you dont eat meat but I have a killer recipee for curry meatballs. if you change your mind, let me know and ill pass that recipee along to you!
my body has transformed and is much sleeker since i have adapted to this diet (probably 80% of the time)