Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi! Happy Monday! It's HOT outside =) Yay.

So, I've been following a Paleo diet for 12 days now - thought it was time for an update.

I've gotten into the habit of  making myself lunch every day - well, breakfast lunch and snacks, actually. For breakfast, I make:

1 apple, with Justin's almond butter and raisins
1 big-ass decaf coffee
Coconut milk hazelnut creamer (love!)

I also take to work with me:
A bit of dark chocolate - chips or a square or two
2 scrambled eggs - or - a bit of leftovers from the night before.

This is PLENTY to get me through work, but if I get hungry (alternatively meaning bored or stressed), I have a cup of tea from Aveda which is pretty much the most delicious ever, and I'm good.

I also drink a lot of ice water.

So, that - that is actually the easy part! The hard part is dinner.

Lately, I've been doing : Fish of some sort + veggies. This works, but fish every night? Nah. So, I've gotten a little creative, and a little bit lenient on the soy.

Some things I've made for dinner:
Crab cakes (made with coconut flour)
Stuffed Zucchini (this stuff is amazing, uses soy crumbles though)
Salmon with homemade onion rings
Lazy man's dinner -veggie burgs without the bun

So - i feel good, I would love a piece of bread but it's not like I run into delicious fresh baked bread every day and that is the only kind that would break my resolve, and no weight loss yet but none gained either.

I think the biggest hurdle is - I want some texture! Some bread-like texture! I tried to make coconut bread, and it was disgusting. Coconut flour, it is gritty. It is no bueno, except in small amounts. Coconut bread = not good. I could see coconut muffins working, perhaps.

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dodom21 said...

so glad, sounds like your doing really well! try making some banana bread with the almond flour. I wasn't a fan of the coconut flour myself. and make sure to use SUPER ripe bananas +1 whatever the recipe calls for. plus, the bread gets better with age so by the 3rd day, its SUPER delicious.