Saturday, May 28, 2011

5/26 - 5/28 365

May 26th
Q: List the things that nagged you today.
A: On Thursday, the only thing my mind was on all day at work was a proposal that is due on Tuesday. Thursday was the last big push for my portion. Worked a full 12 hours, then went home happy in the knowledge that the next day was Friday followed by a long weekend!

May 27th
Q: What gives you comfort right now?
A: My home, Fred, my cats, curling up in bed with a good book.

May 28th
Q: East Coast or West Coast? In between?
A: I'm an East Coast girl from an East Coast family. I love DC. I love New York. I love Boston. I love Camden, ME. I love Wilmington, NC. That said, my favorite city in the world (at least that I've visited), is San Francisco. I feel instantly and totally at home whenever I am in San Francisco. California deeply appeals to me. I would like to visit Seattle, I have a feeling I would really enjoy the Pacific Northwest as well. So, which one is better? One is home, and will always be home as long as my family is here. One is a beautiful, amazing place, that I will visit over and over again and where I may one day live. So, both? As far as the in-between, there is a lot of the in-between I haven't visited. But I adore Louisville, Kentucky. I have a feeling I'd be quite happy in Boulder as well.

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