Sunday, May 22, 2011

my home - a work in progress.

Would anyone like to see some of my house? I spent a lot of time on the master bedroom yesterday. Its still not done, but its cozy and I'm much happier with it today than I was on Friday. Here's what it looks like right now...come on in!

I think we can take some very bold bedside table lamps in here. The ones we have were never meant to be permanent, they are actually from my old office. I've got something along these lines in my head. I'm hoping to find a set that I love during a thrifting trip.

just wanted a picture of Tash. Hi Kitty! Also, shoes and eBay sales bin.

Up office slash guest room. It, um..yeah. It needs some work. I haven't even started yet. I'm going to put another bookshelf in there today (after I build it) and unpack some of those books, but this is mostly a Memorial Day weekend project. Kind of excited! I certainly have some solid ideas of how I want this space to look.

My Calypso St Barth for Target elephant tea pots were downstairs, in plain sight. In case I didn't hear Fred when he said he hated them, I found them in here today. When we are having guests. haha. Ok, they will be MY OFFICE ELEPHANTS then.

Gah! Boxes! Also, The Graduate.

Finally, here's a glimpse of a space I am happy with, the main floor living room.

That's my mini-tour for today! It takes so long to really make a home feel and look lived in, and that has always been my preference over a sleek designed look. 5 months here and I think we're doing okay!

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