Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goals! Week 4 Recap / Week 5

Well, last week was...not productive. Here goes, progress against Week 4

1) That processed crap one again

I ate some Chips Ahoy. Because they were there. Just one occurance though.

2) Finish decorating the office

I put my rug down, refinished my chair, cleaned up the sewing area. Still waiting for my new couch/bed thing from Target.

3) Run. Run Run Run. Commence with running. 3 times.

Uhhh no. First, I fell down some stairs. Then, it became 90 bazillion degrees. Back to the gym, as long as the weather is like this.

4) Try to write a short story.

I didn't. But I did paint, so can I trade one creative category for another?

5) Don't buy ANYTHING that is not a cigarette,from starbucks or essential to comfortable survival. Mean it.

Yeah, again, no. I went to Anthropologie. Bad idea.

6) Really, wow, ok. Don't go to starbucks. Shock the monkey.

I didn't go to Starbucks the day after I wrote this! But then I went back. Because I am addicted. Weird fact here? I don't drink caffeine. At all. I'm actually addicted to Decaf Soy Sugar Free Hazlenut Mistos. WTF.

I honor of my complete fail, I thought I'd make Week 5 a little bit of a confidence booster week. Simple. Easy.

1) Go to the gym 3 times.
2) No processed crap.
3) Really, don't buy any clothes. Just don't. Do not.

Ok! That's not so bad. I can do that. These 3 can just be my goals every week, and if I succeed at just these 3, I will be accomplishing more goals than you can know.

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