Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 11 recap / Week 12 Goals

Morning! Its that time again for see what Sara didn't do this week! I kid, I kid. I did pretty decently this week.

One thing I talked about this week, and re-focused on, was my need to go outside my comfort zone! I need to start taking trips again. Small at first, and then longer and further away. So, this week, I went to DC. This doesn't really count, I do this all the time and live 13 miles away. But each week, I will be including a travel goal. It may be small, it may be the same for a couple of weeks at a time (I can't afford to travel every weekend, nor do I want to!). So there's that.

Here's how I did:

Week 11 Goals

1) Run outside at least 2 mornings - yeah, just once.

2) Take some time to relax and explore some thrift stores
this weekend! - farmers market/flea market, but same concept. Complete!

3) I have a very important appointment on Thursday - I'm taking the day off of work, but work is also crazy busy right now - I need to make sure my mind is only in one place at once!

I think I did successfully drag focus away from work for the first half of Thursday. Attention was paid to the appointment.

4) Get back on this 30 for 30 train, man am I a dirty cheater! And done. Under the wire.

5) Go on a date with Fred =) Yeah, he didn't want to go out for a beer. So we had steaks and deliciousness for dinner instead, and watched a movie. Was nice. I still want to go out for a beer (and I don't drink)...but its summer! Nothing better than a summer night. This weekend!

Week 12 Goals

1) No processed crap from the work kitchen at all! (this is a goal I've used in the past, and a good reminder to take my happy ass to the whole foods for a salad if I'm hungry)

2) Its supposed to be eleventybillion this week outside, so I'm gonna say take it to the gym x 3

3) Go on a daytrip down to Richmond (Carytown)

4) Finish the quilt!

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