Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 12 recap / Week 13 Goals

Good Monday morning! Still hot.

Week 12 Goals

1) No processed crap from the work kitchen at all! (this is a goal I've used in the past, and a good reminder to take my happy ass to the whole foods for a salad if I'm hungry)

Done, a success, woohoo!

2) Its supposed to be eleventybillion this week outside, so I'm gonna say take it to the gym x 3


3) Go on a daytrip down to Richmond (Carytown)

Tooo hot. Next weekend?

4) Finish the quilt!


Week 13 Goals

1) No processed crap (again)
2) Daytrip to Richmond
3) Try to finish the shirt I started sewing (patterns make me stabby!)

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