Thursday, November 10, 2011

sweet november

here it is, Thursday/Friday (because tomorrow is a holiday!). The weather outside today makes sure that we know it is November. Its not that cold - 50s - but it is dark and dreary and the leaves are coming down down down. From my little 7th floor office perch, I have a very good view far west and east - and the leaves are absolutely gorgeous. Sad to know in a few weeks they will be gone.

today marks my halfway point with p90x. And..well, that's good. I'm not hating it or anything, its just not very exciting right now. Although! I did finally get a pull up bar yesterday. Basically, in p90x, a couple of the workouts have some pretty intense pull up/chin up elements. There are modifications using resistance bands, which I have been doing until now. I really really want to be able to do pull ups, its definitely a major goal. I put up my new pull up bar last night and...not there yet. I just kind of hang, and pull, and make uuungggh noises, and nothing happens. So, I will keep building up my strength.

Its also really awesome to have such an apparatus because I get to try and do all my strength moves on bar from when I was a gymnast - like levers and skin the cats. It is really my greatest wish that I could have a gym - like a gymnastics gym - all to myself. I would work out about 3 hours a day and have fun doing it. When I taught gymnastics, I had this - maybe I'll pick up teaching a class once a week just for this benefit! Or maybe I'll become wealthy and build one, haha =) For now, the bar helps.

Today also marks just about a month since I've eaten meat - and I've decided I'm done with it. I made burgers for Fred the other night, and while I wasn't disgusted, I didn't want to eat them either. I'm sure there will come a time when I'm craving a steak...or in a few weeks, turkey!..and I'm not saying "never", I don't want to set myself up to feel like a failure. Its not about that. Fred and I noticed that we were getting really lazy with cooking (ok, I was. I do the cooking, let's not pretend that's a shared duty) and we were having burgers and steaks maybe a little too frequently. So we went veggie. We have crab cakes or salmon or the occasional egg maybe once every 10 days or so. I've gotten pretty good at vegetarian recipes. I've discovered veggie lasagna, sweet potato & black bean burritos, tofu  & mushroom stir fry, roasted acorn squash with portabello and onions. I mean, I've not been going hungry, hehe. For a long time since, I had an aversion to anything with bone in - forget about whole chicken roasts or such things. And for a longer time, I've only bought my meats from certain places that carry humanely raised products. Finally, I just switched to a local butcher from Charlottesville. So, I feel okay about the meat that I was eating. But I just don't feel like I need it anymore. We shall see how this progresses.

I've got my mind on Christmas presents, and I have an idea for ALMOST everyone on my list. I like being done early, and I think this year I'll be able to carry my presents in my purse - lots of envelopes with exciting surprises (not gift cards, no, no).

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