Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6/13 - 6/15, 365

Jun 13th
Q: Something that made you worry today...
A: I was going through some pretty major side effects from changing my medication dosage on Monday and pretty much everything worried me! When i feel like that, I know its unreasonable, but I feel like i'll never feel right again. But here I am, 2 days later, feeling pretty ok again.

Jun 14th
Q: Did you exercise today?
A: No, not today. Tuesdays are generally off days for me - Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Jun 15th
Q: What's your favorite gadget?
A: My new sewing machine, but of course! ;P Also, my KitchenAid mixer - does anyone who has one not love it? Even if you don't use it (I do), but its so freaking cute!

p.s. I'm watching Americas Next Top Model right now - a rerun I think, these girls seem familiar..but this model doesn't know who John Galliano is. DQd, in my book. Come on ladies.

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