Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 7 Recap / Week 8 Goals

Time to take measure of the goals of last week, week 7 in this little improvement project. Here we go!

Goal #1 - Survive medication adjustment with minimal interferance into daily life (I mean, really, if I do that and only that, I'm happy)

I did survive, with minimal interference. despite feeling like I was going right out of my mind on Monday, I soldiered through. Felt better on Tuesday. Felt worse on Wednesday physically but better mentally. Thursday? Pretty much right as rain again. And now I've started adjustment stage #2, oh joy.

#2 - Take a long walk

I did take a couple of long walks. I saw a whole 6 bunnies on my walk on Saturday AND discovered that I have one of those walking paths with exercise stations - you know which ones I mean? - about 1/4 mile from my house. And one of them has bars, which I enjoy because 1) I can try to do pull-ups, because that! that is a goal! do a pull up! I have a weird fascination with wanting to be able to knock out 10 pull ups like it isn't a big deal. Also, 2) It allows me to practice the very elementary level of gymnastics skills that I still possess. When I was a gymnast, bars were probably my favorite. Or beam. Or floor. Not vault though.

#3 - Finish unpacking all my books - set some aside for donation (read: those I've inherited in random ways that I won't ever read, like how did those Clive Cusslers make their way in, huh? How did that happen?)

I didn't do this one, wah wah. um, i have no excuse.

Okay! Week 8 goals!

1) Take 3 long walks! And practice doing pull-ups!
2) Do the damn book thing
3) Put this concept into place at work. Goals each week.
4) Do some soul searching about work. I know where I think I want my career to go - time to put an action plan in place. Actually, this one first, then #3.

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