Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 6 Recap / Week 7 Goals

Well hello again. Time to take a look at how I did against my week 6 goals. If you'll remember, this is what I said I'd do this week:

1) Go to the gym 3 times.

I went to the gym twice and ran twice. If I put go to the gym on here, I seem to choose running, if I put running on here, I seem to choose the gym. Because I am stubborn and ornery. Either way, its helping me to get my exercise in, so yay!

2) No processed crap.

I'm still eating based on the guidelines I set for myself 2 weeks ago, so no processed crap. Except for today, see: feeling like crap. I don't have an appetite right now, but if I don't eat, I'll feel worse, so I eat whatever is easy. So far today that has been a water, some chips ahoy, and some oatmeal. Don't worry, I'll be back to normal right quick. I tend to take it a litte easy on myself when I'm feeling like this and I'm okay with that.

3) Really, don't buy any clothes. Just don't. Do not.
I didn't buy clothes. Seriously. I have to think about it to make sure, true, but I did not. Oh wait, I did. I bought running shorts, haha. I could not put up a strong enough fight. But I've worn them twice to go running, and really, that makes them worth it. Exercise clothes should get their own category anyway.

4) Look at my budget and establish new short and long-term savings goals (I HATE budgeting, but I need to look at this again)

I set myself a budget for non-essentials, which is leniant enough that I can stick to it, but still keeps me on a good saving path. I need to build up 6 months expenses in my savings, that's my new goal. Up to this point, I've been more focused on my retirement account, but I believe I need to also have a good cushion of savings, a safety net.

5) Wear my hair down at least twice. I've gotten stuck in a hair rut

I wore my hair down once. I call this a win, considering it was ridiculously hot and humid last week.

So all in all, I did okay.

For Week 7, I'm going to change it up a bit.

Goal #1 - Survive medication adjustment with minimal interferance into daily life (I mean, really, if I do that and only that, I'm happy)
#2 - Take a long walk
#3 - Finish unpacking all my books - set some aside for donation (read: those I've inherited in random ways that I won't ever read, like how did those Clive Cusslers make their way in, huh? How did that happen?)

I think that's it for this week.

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