Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, very Monday

Good morning all!

I don't have a 30 for 30 post today, as I was running late for work and did not take a picture. Also, I am wearing a t-shirt that is not part of the 30 items. Le gasp. The rest of my outfit is though.

This is due to several factors, including: wow I feel like crap (see post from over the weekend for details) and I should probably stay home but I have a report due in this morning so I need to go take care of that so lemme get dressed real quick and oh, this matches and is clean.

Also, I screwed up at work already this morning. Which wouldn't have been so bad had I checked my email this weekend, which I didn't. See: feeling like crap.

Yes, it is Monday. I hope yours is going better than mine so far!

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