Thursday, October 20, 2011


Wow, it has been, ummmm, some time since I have done my goals. I did them the week before my vacation (over a month ago), and apparently took a semi-permanent vacation from them. Oh well, today's as good as any day to start again! Let's see how I did against those last goals..

1) Identify and make 2 new dinner recipes. I am in a rut.
I did this! Yay. I made a spanish omelet - yum. I also made a mustard crusted beef tenderloin doohickey. Also yum, but not as yum as the spanish omelet.

2) Put together a list of things to accomplish on my week off next week - some pure fun, mostly just catch up on house, etc. Although, I must stress...tis a vacation. So it'll be light on the goals. But you know how you feel better when you have things done and not hanging over your head like oh yeah, look at that box there I need to go through that and throw most of it out, or gosh I really do need some kind of way to store my shoes so I don't end up with huge shoe piles in my room. Those.

I gotta be honest, I hardly did shit on my week off. I did, however, successfully make macarons. So that's something.

3) Keep working out at my current pace, cause it feeels gooood.

Yep, I did this and more.

Okay then, new goals!

I don't feel that I really need to make an exercise goal, because its sort of engrained now. I'm going to do it. I hate not doing it. That, in itself, is a goal reached.

1) Do another closet ebay/giveaway inventory, for winter clothes. Focus on shoes (I have been carrying around a box of shoes for years, time to let go. Except my Docs and my Birks from high school, those I'm keeping)

2) Do a real budget. It's easy to avoid this, but I have a lot of discretionary income that I haven't been keeping good track of, and I'd like to put it in savings rather than just lose it via nickel and diming. Also, set a monthly clothing allowance. Right now I'm going by the, "Eh, whatever" method, and its not working out so well.

3) Cut sugar out of my diet for 1 week. Just one. Starting, ummm...tomorrow morning. Cause I had chocolate covered raisins already today. This is really more about seeing how I feel rather than weight loss or anything else. I have a big sweet tooth. I'm just curious.

Okay, that should do! Wish me luck.

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