Tuesday, October 11, 2011

various and sundry, P90X and outfits

Well, gooood Tuesday morning to ya! Welcome back to the work week. Hope you had a great long weekend!

I'm in the middle of week 3 of P90X. My comments this week...

1) I pretty much have to work out in the morning. On Friday, I had a work event that started at 730, which would have necessitated waking up at the break-a-break-a dawn to get my Shoulders & Back workout & Ab Ripper in before the event. So I figured, eh, I'll do it after work today. Reader, that time never came. I had my first (and only) unplanned "Rest" day. Booooo.

2) Dudes, week 3 has been HARD. I expected week 2 to be harder than week 1, because week 1, you are all dorking around trying to follow Tony and gang, and probably miss some of the reps due to figuring out your form. But no. Week 3 was harder than week 2, at least so far. Maybe I'm just beat.

3) The above said, I have been trucking along like  a trooper, determined to get an A in P90X. I may be beat, but I'm cranking out as many reps as I can, I've upped my weights for Shoulders and Arms, and I'm generally doing A-OK.

4) The afterburn. Or not burn. After working out, I get this peaceful, easy, tired feeling come over me that I just loooove. I'm kind of addicted to it. I certainly look forward to it. Having a long weekend was wonderful, because I could work out and then take a leisurely soak in the tub and then go to the market or something. Delightful. Honestly, its not too shabby working out before work either, because then I head to work with my peaceful easy feeling. Before work is all GAH! BLAH! OMG! NOW! and messes it up. s'ok, that's how work does. I'm not mad at it.

5) So I have Kenpo tomorrow, and then X Stretch/Rest Day, and then, I get to go into Week 4! Which means all! new! workouts! Ok, just 2 new workouts. Cardio X and Core Synergistics. I'm looking forward to variety. And multiple yogas in one week, because I must concur the Crane.

End P90X discussion.

Part Deux! The outfit. (ooh, Hot Shots, yay)

Here's what I have on today.

Its simple, I LIKE it.

Sweater: J Crew Tippi
Slacks: Talbots
Bracelet: J Crew
Necklace/Rings: Tiffany
Watch: Timex
Shoes: Nine West.

So, remember a few weeks ago, I said I had a crush on these shoes? 

Well, I got them. And they are some baddd mamma jammas. To wit:

Do you see, the angle that my foot is making there? That's what happens with a 5" inch heel and a 3/4" platform. I'm not going to lie and say they're like walking barefoot in daisies, but for being that high, they're not bad. I got them in Natural. Ok, I'm making my ankle hurt looking at this. Remember, I had to bend down and contort to get this pic. It's not THAT BAD.

Ok, that's it for now!

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