Monday, October 31, 2011

p90x update

Happy Halloween!

I haven't bought any halloween candy (I'd just eat it all!) so we're either going to have to go to the store on the way home..or pretend we aren't home =) that's a little bah humbug of me I suppose.

Anywho, on to the P90X update..
You may recall, I came down with a cold at the end of last last week (the 20th/21st). I didn't really shake the cold until Wednesday, so I missed a full week of workouts =(

Picked it back up on Thursday the 27th with an X Stretch day, and then I did the new arms workout on Friday - chest/shoulders/tris. My tris were screaming at me the next day, but this was a good workout. I also did the Cardio X on Friday, since I'm doing doubles.

And then..things went south. On Saturday I had a hair appointment for which I left this house at 10am, and between that and errands, didn't get back til around 3. And it was snowing ?!?  And I didn't want to sweat on my newly done hair (barf I know, but hey, its the honest truth), so I skipped Plyometrics. And then on Sunday, Sunday I had a baby shower out in Haymarket, which took up about 11 til 4, so I didn't do my workouts yesterday either.

I have no real excuse for that, there were obviously many hours in the day not taken up by babyshowering.

So, it seems my sick week has not quite been left behind, in terms of picking up a bad habit! I'm determined to stay on track again, and I did my yoga workout this morning. It was tough.

I'm trying not to be tooo hard on myself, but I'm really anxious to kick it back up. I'm actually mostly enjoying this ride! I also really want to finish by New Years, which with my week off is my new 90 day mark - 12/30. Wish me luck!

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