Monday, October 24, 2011


just yesterday at brunch, i was talking with my family about the differences in sizing, how industry standard allows up to a two inch difference within one size. (just in case you were wondering why you are a 6 at one store and a 10 at the other).

this morning, I encountered a perfect case. I bought a pair of slacks from ASOS. I've bought a skirt and shirt from there before, and they seem to run pretty normal as far as what I expect my size to be. I generally wear 1 size, with some stores 1 up and some 1 down. Mostly, I shop at a handful of stores where I know my size, but this was new. So, erring on the side of caution,  I bought my size, the higher one.

Well. This morning, I took the new pants out of the bag they came in, shook them out, noted they need an ironing, and thought, well, I'll try them on first. See if they look on me like they do in my head.

I don't know why I didn't unbutton and unzip them first, I just stepped in. And then instead of unbuttoning them, for some reason, I just kept pulling them up. Perhaps I have a better ability to evaluate size via sight than I thought, because I just went ahead and yanked them all the way up. And they fit. Well no, they fit OVER my thighs and butt and all the way up to my waist..without being unbuttoned. And when I let go of them, they hung precariously and oh so attractively off my hips. heh. But like 9th grade gym class, I felt exposed to a possible flagging. Just one little tug and these babies were off.

I sent them on their way back to ASOS this morning. No, I did not lose 20 pounds magically over night, but those pants sure made me feel like I did - and for that, I thank them.

On the flip side - if I get pants from ASOS again what size should I get?!?!

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